This page should provide you with some information on making the decision about
whether or not to play texas holdem for free, or playing texas holdem for money!

So you have heard and see all the hype about Texas Holdem Poker, and you want to look into playing online, right?    There are a few things to consider when you start your online play, lets see if we can address them!

Play Texas Holdem for money or play for free?

Everyone wants to win money.    RE READ THAT! EVERYONE WANTS TO WIN MONEY, especially poker players. The fact of the matter, is that if you win money '20%' of the time you play, you are ahead of the curve! There are those out there that win consistantly, earning a very good living and they JUST play online texas holdem!    These players are normally referred to as the 'Sharks'

Now, are you capable of being one of them?
Just because you know the rules of the game, does not make you a shark!    There are a LOT of sharks playing Online Texas Holdem, in most EVERY poker room on the net.    Sharks prey on OTHER fish!

If you are a beginner, you definately should NOT play for real money, until you get the experience and skills necessary to compete with the 'sharks' out there!    So, how do we get those skills, and gain that experience? You start by playing FREE TEXAS HOLDEM, thats how!

Every major poker room on the internet offers you the opportunity to play texas holdem free! EVERY ONE OF THEM.    You are able to play not only free texas holdem in ring games, but there are free texas holdem tournaments that you can enter and get a feel for the game.    Realize, however, that when you play free texas holdem, the players are VERY loose and carefree with their play, UNLIKE playing for real money.    It's very easy to risk 'PLAY MONEY', but when its YOUR money, its a totally different story.

There is absolutely NO reason for you to risk your hard earned cash, until you have sufficient skills to compete in the money games.    Even if you have money to burn, its senseless to just throw it away... you will do enought of that EVEN when you have the necessary skills and understanding of the game! ;-)    Every game costs money to learn, and Texas Holdem is definately no different.    Realize this, and accept the fact that it will cost you to learn to compete at higher and higher levels.

Choosing the Right Poker room for Free Texas Holdem.

As I mentioned, EVERY poker room that we recommend on this site offers free texas holdem play.    We recommend these poker rooms because they are HONEST, FAIR, and run a good game.    You can read more of our thoughts on each by looking at the Online Poker Sites Reviewed link on the main page.    While I like playing at each of these poker rooms, I would suggest one of the bigger ones to start out.    You will find more action, as they have more players.    Look at,, or for starters.    There are links to each poker site on the main page under ONLINE POKER ROOMS WE ENDORSE.

When you have selected the poker room that appeals to you, you simply have to download their free software.    NOTE: The DOWNLOAD IS TOTALLY FREE!    There is ABSOLUTELY no risk in this download!    It is NOT in the interest of the poker room to mess around with your computer and risk losing you as a player.    Besides, We would not endorse any poker room that would play games with spyware or virus'.... that would hurt OUR credibility also!

Once you have downloaded the free software, you will be asked to create a USERNAME, and PASSWORD for access to your account when you play.    CHOOSE YOUR USERNAME WISELY!    Once it is created, it is what you will be playing under, and getting known at the poker room by.    Creating cute names that paint a target on your back may not be the best idea! ;-)

Once you have the Username selected, and entered the appropriate information, you can start play.    MAKE SURE YOU LOOK AT PLAY MONEY GAMES!    Look for games that have reasonable limits.    I dont suggest you start playing No Limit Texas Holdem on your first attempt!    Play a nice limit game, so that you can get used to the interface, and the betting style of the site.    Once you are comfortable with that, you can start playing other versions of the game.

To supplement your play, take advantage of the free texas holdem articles and strategy guides that we have put together on this site.    They will give you some insights into the rules of the game, as well as tips for playing.    These can be found on the main page under POKER ARTILES/INFORMATION - Texas Holdem Poker Articles.

REMEMBER... Texas Holdem is a game.... have FUN!

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