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So you have seen people playing Texas Holdem on television, and it has peaked your interest!    You really want to learn to play Texas Holdem online, but dont know how to go about it!    LISTEN CLOSELY!    You can play FREE TEXAS HOLDEM with ABSOLUTELY NO RISK to you whenever you want!    Now, I know what you're thinking, if it sounds too good to be true, it has a catch!    Well, I've got news for you!    This is the real deal!    I have been playing FREE TEXAS HOLDEM ONLINE for several years now, and I can PERSONALLY recommend several poker rooms where you can learn to play Free Texas Holdem, with ZERO problems!


Quite frankly, I would always recommend that you start off playing free texas holdem, before you even THINK about attempting to play with your hard earned money!    Learning how to play texas holdem in an environment where you risk nothing, is an INCREDIBLY POWERFUL tool.    How do you think most of the Internet Players you see on Television got started?    You can decide to play texas holdem for money at any point you choose, and KEEP your FREE TEXAS HOLDEM account in the same software!    That way, you can go back to FREE TEXAS HOLDEM any time, to enhance your game!

Even if you are an experienced poker player, you are better off starting with free texas holdem, until you learn the nuances of the game, and become comfortable with how things are done.    Playing in games with our buddies is a LOT different than playing with those that are experienced in the game of Texas Holdem!    Read my thoughts on FREE TEXAS HOLDEM PLAY in my article Play Texas Holdem Free.    I have also put up an informative article on with some important Texas Holdem Tournament Tips.

Here's the bottom line, you visit one of the poker rooms shown below under PLACES I PLAY FREE TEXAS HOLDEM AT.    They each offer a TOTALLY FREE Texas Holdem game download.    Dont worry, these sites ARE safe to download and install on your computer!    There are NO special codes or anything else to enter.    You select the USERNAME and a Unique password for the site, and you are ready to ROCK!    If you want to read up on each of these poker rooms before you start your Texas Holdem experience, go to my poker review page: Poker Rooms Online.


On my Texas Holdem Blog, I have compiled MANY helpful articles that will assist you to become familiar with the game of texas holdem, and give some helpful hints, and information!    You will see links to these helpful articles on the right of the page!    These pages outline Texas Holdem rules, Texas Holdem strategies, and general game information to help make your FREE Texas Holdem experience more enjoyable!    The new 2007 WSOP starts up on May 27th, and the schedule is posted on Texas Holdem Blog now!

I have also included some charts of Poker Hand Odds and probabilities to help you understand good Texas Holdem Starting hands, and those that you should definately FOLD!    These articles are all well written, and most are from Texas Holdem poker pro's, so you know the information is accurate!

I have played a lot online, and I constantly hear and see players berate other players when a 'Bad Beat' happens, so I thought this article entitled Just how bad are 'Bad Beats'? was appropriate!

With that article in mind, I thought it would be appropriate to post an article from the Full Tilt Poker Pros, on improving your game by ADMITTING, and LEARNING FROM YOUR MISTAKES!

A new article that caught my attention dealt with whether or not to Limp into a pot Pre-Flop! I found it interesting, and something ALL new players should consider! It can be found HERE!
You may want to also look at the latest article Poker Playing Styles to see what types of players you will run up against!
Another great article I found for Texas Holdem players deals with Playing in SNGs, and is well worth the read!    DAMN this is a great article, and HIGHLY reccomended for all players! There is no I in Poker!
Another great article that I came across has do do with an Approximating the Odds.    This is a simple, but effective method that you SHOULD READ!

Ya know, there are some simple things, that we just take for granted when playing texas holdem poker, and do not pay as much attention to as we should.    The latest article I've added Stealing the Blinds is one of those things...    WELL worth the read!
Just posted an interesting article that deals with a situation we all face with while playing Texas Holdem Poker: DO I PLAY THE COIN FLIP HAND?    Give it a read!
Here is a REALLY good article dealing with Early Tournament Strategies.    Every one should read that plays in online tournemtents, ESPECIALLY low buy-in ones!

Ever wondered about betting after the flop after you've been called on your pre-flop raise?    Read this article on Contunation Betting!

Another EXCELLENT article was added today by Allen Cunningham, entitled Playing a Medium Stack in Early Postion, and a MUST READ for all!!

Just added an interesting article from Brandon Adams on Hand Coordination?.    I think you will find it an interesting concept!
Another EXCELLENT article was added that discusses Playing Overcards in Early Position! WELL worth the read!

I found this EXCELLENT article by Chris Ferguson on How to Win at Tournament Poker and thought you would enjoy his insights!

America's Cardroom is quickly becoming one of the PREMIERE US Facing Poker rooms on the Internet. They have recently been Rated THE TOP US FACING CARDROOM for payment processing! READ ABOUT IT HERE!

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